Environmental Stewardship

Stillwater Mining Company’s environmental programs have earned awards for environmental performance and for the adoption of a proactive approach to environmental management. Compliance programs well exceed regulatory requirements, and new technologies and innovative processes have been installed to move our environmental performance to the highest possible level. This proactive philosophy is also manifested in our willingness to address public concerns and in forging strong working relationships with regulatory agencies and local units of government.

Key priorities in our environmental management program include effective groundwater treatment, reducing air emissions, protecting wildlife near mine facilities and limiting traffic to and from the mine sites to reduce road degradation and traffic congestion in rural Montana.

Outstanding Leadership
& Environmental Responsibility

2013 Winner:

“Community Outreach & Economic Security”


U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management

Recycling is a core business for Stillwater. The responsible recycling of millions of pounds a year of catalyst material conserves precious resources and reduces the environmental impacts associated with acquiring virgin material. PGMs are themselves vital to a cleaner atmosphere, since palladium and platinum are essential components in catalytic converters that reduce harmful automotive emissions.

Since 2000 Stillwater has been a signatory to a voluntary Good Neighbor Agreement with local community environmental stakeholders, one that has been cited as a model for our industry. The Agreement is notable in that it holds Stillwater to a higher environmental standard than required by federal and state regulations. Along with those commitments are mechanisms to ensure regular, productive engagement with all affected stakeholders. Participating members meet regularly to discuss and address issues of common concern. This agreement has proven to be a highly effective pathway for discussion, action and conflict resolution.