Economic Sustainability

On an ongoing basis Stillwater is a principal contributor to local economies through our large contribution to the local tax base, which in turn provides funding to support local services like primary and secondary education, road maintenance, law enforcement, emergency services and more.

Stillwater Mining Company has been involved in the implementation of sustainable practices since even before mine development began through support of the “Hard Rock Economic Impact Plan” and the “Tax Base Sharing Plan.” These initiatives were designed to eliminate the “boom and bust” cycle of mineral development prevalent in the western United States during the early 1900s. We support these measures, which were created to ensure that local government services and facilities will be available when and where they are needed as a result of new large-scale mineral developments.

Our contributions to economic sustainability have continued into the operational phase and will extend to the eventual closure phase of the Company’s mineral developments. Our goal is clear: to maintain and protect the quality of life and productivity of natural and social resources for future generations to enjoy.