Stillwater is focused on attracting, developing and retaining quality employees with a goal of becoming the employer of choice. The Company offers very attractive and extremely competitive benefit programs. Stillwater Mining Company provides good paying jobs, a healthcare benefits package and an excellent 401(k) retirement plan. Employees can support their families; contribute to local economies; and help support local businesses and service industries in area communities.


Stillwater Mining Company employees enjoy security and protection afforded by the Company’s benefits plans. Company benefit programs are designed to:

  • Provide compensation and other benefits that are competitive within the industry and the local communities
  • Offer employees the opportunity to make choices for themselves and their families
  • Protect employees and their families from severe financial hardship in the event of serious illness or injury

Employment Application

View and apply for open positions based at Stillwater Mining Company’s U.S. operations.

Please note: An application for a position will not be considered if the applicant does not meet the required qualifications.