Marathon-Caldwell Complex

Stillwater Mining Company completed the acquisition of the Marathon PGM-copper project in November 2010. The Marathon project’s PGM-copper deposit is situated on one of Canada’s largest PGM-copper geologic provinces. The Marathon PGM-copper deposit is hosted by the Eastern Gabbro Series of the Proterozoic Coldwell Complex, a large intrusive body that bisects the Archean aged Schreiber-Hemlo Greenstone Belt. The Coldwell is a composite magmatic intrusion and the largest alkaline intrusive complex in North America. It is approximately 25 kilometers in diameter with a surface area of 580 square kilometers.

The Company is currently conducting a modest exploration program at Marathon. Further development plans have been suspended until the project can demonstrate an economic return greater than the returns available through investment in the Company’s other assets.

Marathon Project